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GE Drive Repair

GE Drive Repair: Specializing In All General Electric Drives & more

EIC repairs all GE Drive Types & Models (Servo Drives, VFD's, Spindle Drive, Soft Starts & more), so Send us any of your GE Drives or for that matter send us any of your GE Industrial Electronics. Please know that it is our goal to get you & your company back up & running as quickly as we possibly can. We even offer RUSH repair at no extra charge & yes, we can evaluate your GE Drive free of charge (please note: there is an eval fee for all motors). If you need some questions answered prior to sending your GE Drive in to us, then you can submit a Repair Request to get additional information ... Or you can pick up the phone and give us a call 770-956-7838. We will do all we can to help with all of your GE Drives & other GE Industrial Electronic repairs. So give us a call, you'll be glad you did!

ge drive repair

Here are some popular models of the GE Drives that we repair. EIC specializes in all GE Industrial Equipment & GE Drive Controllers, so please check out a more detailed listing below. EIC will repair your GE Drive units with precision quality & quick turn around times. Every unit you send us is evaluated, diagnosed, cleaned & finally tested by our tech team & they are awesome! In addition to General Electric, we repair all other major manufacturers & most of the minor ones too. Check out EIC's full line card here.

Top GE Drive Repairs

GE Drive Repairs:

Free Evaluation* & Quoting

Rush Repair w/ No Additional Fees

Unlimited Lifetime Shelf Warranty

No Fixed Pricing

Pricing Based On Parts & Labor


Don't have a unit to send in, but need a replacement?

We here at EIC know that there are plenty of reasons why a replacement unit may be your only option (instead of repair). At the top of the list might be that you are up & running just fine with no problems, but you want to have a spare unit on hand just in case. Whatever the reason may be and while we have made our bones by repairing & saving you money, we are always here to help. If a refurbished / new replacement unit is the way you want to go, feel free to fire up that phone 770-956-7838 or if you would rather send us a REFURB Request that will do the trick as well. Also, all refurbished / new replacement units are fully tested and covered by our EIC warranty.

Please note that while we have an extensive network of suppliers for both repair and refurshed/new options, it is normally a quicker and cheaper option to send in your unit for repair than to "just go" with a replacement unit. This is primarily due to the fact that all refurbished / new replacement units are sent to EIC first for full evaluation & final testing. The exception being when we have the unit already in our refurbished stock.

Looking for a Specific Manufacturer, check out some additional links below to help you out:


Popular Repair Part #'s for GE Industrial Electronics

Listed below are just some of the GE Drive Model #'s' we repair, but please feel free to reach out to us at 770-956-7838 if you don't find what you are looking for.

ge drive repair part# 391

Part# 391

Fanuc GE: PCB

Est. Price Range & Turn Around

ge drive repair part# 392

Part# 392

Fanuc GE: PCB

Est. Price Range & Turn Around

ge drive repair part# 412

Part# 412

Fanuc GE: PCB

Est. Price Range & Turn Around

ge drive repair part# 413

Part# 413

Fanuc GE: PCB

Est. Price Range & Turn Around

ge drive repair part# 444

Part# 444

Fanuc GE: PCB

Est. Price Range & Turn Around