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Heidenhain Repair

Heidenhain Repair: Your Primary Source for Heidenhain Industrial Electronic Repair

EIC repairs all Heidenhain Industrial Electronics so look no further, you have a great source for all of your Heidenhain Repairs. Feel free to Send us any of your Heidenhain electronics. Evaluation is free*, but if you need more information to send it to us, feel free to submit a Repair Request and we can handle it that way as well. Or, you can fire up the phone and give us a call 770-956-7838. We will do everything we can to help you with all of your Heidenhain Electronic repairs. So take a moment & give us a call, you'll be glad you did!

heidenhain repair repair

Here are some popular models of the Heidenhain electronics we repair. EIC specializes in the repair of all Heidenhain Industrial Electronics, so please check out a more detailed listing below. EIC will repair your Heidenhain units with quality & excellence ... and we will make it happen fast. Every unit you send to us is evaluated, diagnosed, cleaned & finally tested by expert technicians. In addition to Heidenhain, we repair all major manufacturers & most of the minor ones too. Check out EIC's full line card here.

Top Heidenhain Repairs

Heidenhain Repairs:

Free Evaluation* & Quoting

Rush Repair w/ No Additional Fees

Unlimited Lifetime Shelf Warranty

No Fixed Pricing

Pricing Based On Parts & Labor


Don't have a unit to send in, but need a replacement?

We here at EIC know that there are plenty of reasons why a replacement unit may be your only option (instead of repair). At the top of the list might be that you are up & running just fine with no problems, but you want to have a spare unit on hand just in case. Whatever the reason may be and while we have made our bones by repairing & saving you money, we are always here to help. If a refurbished / new replacement unit is the way you want to go, feel free to fire up that phone 770-956-7838 or if you would rather send us a REFURB Request that will do the trick as well. Also, all refurbished / new replacement units are fully tested and covered by our EIC warranty.

Please note that while we have an extensive network of suppliers for both repair and refurshed/new options, it is normally a quicker and cheaper option to send in your unit for repair than to "just go" with a replacement unit. This is primarily due to the fact that all refurbished / new replacement units are sent to EIC first for full evaluation & final testing. The exception being when we have the unit already in our refurbished stock.

Looking for a Specific Manufacturer, check out some additional links below to help you out:


Popular Repair Part #'s for Heidenhain Industrial Electronics

Listed below are just some of the Heidenhain Part #'s' we repair, but please feel free to reach out to us at 770-956-7838 if you don't find what you are looking for.

- We Are Dedicated To Quality Repair & Customer Service -

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* Free Evaluation EXCLUDES ALL Motors (Servo, AC, DC, etc.) As Well As ALL Welder & Plasma Cutting Machines (Miller, Lincoln, Hypertherm, Hobart, etc.)